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Car Miner – C1M – B2B
Hashboard with 6 FPGA Chips mines using the current movement of the cars.
Estimated Delivery Date: 2022, Q2
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  • The Drive Miner saves energy by using the existing movement of vehicles, without causing any damage to the vehicle it is integrated into.
  • Tests in the production process suggest using 6 x FPGA Chip Hashboards.
  • Only DriveMining Products can enter the Private EnviDa-Token Mining Pool and mine EnviDa-Token.
  • You can exchange between 10 types of Cryptocurrencies of your choice – except for the EnviDa-Token – without any permission or approval.
  • Miners always earn the most profitable money with Drive Mining profit switch service.
  • An active water-cooling system provides optimum heat distribution to the unit at all times.
  • Unlike air-cooled systems, the noise emission was minimized by the active water-cooling system, which prevents the noise to enter the vehicle it is integrated into.
  • Only Drive Mining Products are allowed to use the EnviDa-Token Mining service.
0xbtcSHA3Solidity15,75 GH/s(±15%)442 W(±10%)
VEOSHA-25629,47 GH/s(±15%)417 W(±10%)
TRBTellor5,75 GH/s(±15%)356 W(±10%)
AEONK1237,88 GH/s(±15%)456 W(±10%)
ZPSHA-316,02 GH/s(±15%)428 W(±10%)
DGBOdocrypt3,79 GH/s(±15%)601 W(±10%)
PMEERqitmeer-keccak25616,67 GH/s(±15%)455 W(±10%)
KDABlake2S38,90 GH/s(±15%)341 W(±10%)
NXSNexusHash1,41 GH/s(±15%)301 W(±10%)
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